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Stuffed cabbage with walnut

Stuffed cabbage with walnut

This speciality meal is prepared as follows:
Cut up the walnut to large pieces, and fry it on oil. Stew the rice, when cooled, make the stuffing. Add an egg to the walnut and rice, chopped up onion, garlic, salt, pepper, and stir the mixture. Stuff this mixture into the cabbage leaves. Boil the sour cabbage, taste after it is boiled. If it is too sour pour off a little from its water. Layer the stuffed cabbages over the boiled sour cabbage, pour the cream over it and boil slowly until its ready.
Decorate the meal with sour cream and paprika when served.


Peeled walnut: 0,40 kg
Rice: 0,20 kg
Egg: 2 pcs
Onion: 1 bulb
Garlic: 3 cloves
Salt: 0,02 g
Pepper (ground): To taste
Sunflower oil: 0,10 l
Sour cabbage: 1 kg
Sour cabbage leaves: 3 pcs/person
Sour cream: 0,10 l
Cream: 0,20 l


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