Schaff Kft.

Address: 2220 Vecsés,
Bertalan street 22.
Fax: +3629350585


The Schaff was founded in 1999, and since then it has operated in an unaltered form - as a small enterprise -, keeping up the best food industrial traditions of the region.
The core activities of the company comprise food processing and marketing, including principally the production of pickled vegetables. Our products are marketed throughout the country, through both wholesaling and retailing channels.

Conforming to the ever changing market and meeting the high requirements of the present days our company has improved and developed constantly both in the fields of production technologies and the supply. We endeavour to extend our product range with new products year by year in compliance with the customer demands. We firmly believe in the potential of continuous development!

Our Philosophy

In line with the company philosophy our principal target is not profit making, but the achievements, that can be truly measured by customer satisfaction. To attain this goal we strive to serve our customers in every aspect with products that satisfy the requirements of modern life style. We believe in persistent business relations and it is extremely essential for us to produce high quality articles on a continuous basis!

Our principle is to offer the possibly healthiest foods that meet all the requirements of the present days. The heavy and substantial dishes of the past have been replaced by light, varied tastes and healthy foods, accordingly, the products of our company contain the possibly least amount of preservatives, and unlike heat treated products our articles preserve the vitamin and nutrient content of the vegetables, thus ensuring a perfect source of vitamins even during the autumn and winter months. We also insist on keeping the natural taste of vegetables: we use natural flavours exclusively, thus bringing the taste of fresh vegetables to your home. As the majority of our products do not contain added sugar, they are perfect not only for those interested in healthy nutrition, but also for people suffering from diabetes.

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