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Cat fish with cabbage (for 4 persons)

Cat fish with cabbage (for 4 persons)

Cut up the bacon to cubes then fry to gold. Pour the fat into a frying pan, and fry the cat fish slices coated in the mixture of red paprika and flour. Remove the fried cat fish slices from the pan and fry the onion and green paprika in the same fat, and sprinkle it with red paprika, then add the tomato to this mix. Stew the sour cabbage on the base in some red wine. When ready finish this meal by adding sour cream thickening to it. Boil up the cat fish slices in the sauce before serving. Serve this meal with green paprika, tomato and dill.


Bacon: 0,20 kg
Onion: 2 bulbs
Green paprika: 2 pcs
Tomato: 3 pcs
Flour: 0,10 kg
Red paprika: 1 spoonful
Salt: To taste
Sour cabbage: 1 kg
Dry red wine: 0,20 l
Sour cream: 0,20 l
Fish soup granule: 1 cube
White pepper: a pitch
Fresh dill: 1 bunch
Cat fish: 0,80 kg


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