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Beetroot Salad (for 4 persons)

Beetroot Salad (for 4 persons)

Filter the ready made beetroot salad; cut the beetroots up to cubes, this way it looks more attractive when served. Peel some apples, and cut them up to cubes, squeeze a lemon on the apple, then cut up the spring onion to even pieces. Mix the vegetables with mayonnaise, and season it with the lemon juice and citronella.
If you make the mayonnaise with olive oil, you can say that your meal is your medicine!


Beetroot: 0,60 kg
Apple: 0,30 kg
Spring onion: 2 bunches
Tartar sauce: 0,30 kg
Lemon: 1 pc
Citronella: Some springs
Olive oil: 0,10 l


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