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Bean soup with cabbage and smoked foreleg ham of pork (for 4 persons)

Bean soup with cabbage and smoked foreleg ham of pork (for 4 persons)

Put the foreleg ham into cold water and boil it. Afterwards boil the soaked bean in this water. Add the cut up sour cabbage and the vegetables to the bean soup when the beans start softening, and boil it until the vegetables are soft. Add some water to dilute the soup a little bit.
Season the soup. Make nipped pasta from one egg. Make brown sauce from onion, garlic, and red paprika, and mix it smooth with sour cream, and add cream to this mixture. Finish the soup by adding this mixture to it. When served add the boiled and chopped foreleg ham to the soup. Sprinkle with fresh tarragon, and squeezed lemon, and decorate with sour cream when served.


Smoked foreleg ham of pork: 1 pc (≈0,80kg)
Coloured bean: 0,25 kg
Sour cabbage: 0,50 kg
Onion: 1 bulb
Garlic: 1 bulb
Mangalica fat: 0,10 kg
Salt: 0,02 g
Red paprika: 0,02 kg
Bay leaf: 1-2 pcs
Flour (spelt): 0,10 kg
Sour cream: 0,20 l
Cream: 0,15 l
Lemon: 1 pc
Savoury: a pitch
Tarragon (fresh): a pitch
Egg: 1 pc
Carrot: 0,20 kg
Turnip: 0,10 kg


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